A local safety education charity is calling for north-east businesses to back the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) latest strategy.

Absafe, based in the Bridge of Don, is supporting HSE’s ‘Helping Great Britain Work Well’ campaign which focuses on the further improvement of the UK’s excellent safety record by encouraging a collaborative approach to safety ownership.

The campaign has six strands, which are: acting together; tackling ill health; managing risk well; supporting small employers; keeping pace with change and sharing our success.

Absafe’s Chief Executive Emma Bellu said: “The new strategy takes a whole system approach ensuring that everyone can play their part in the health and safety community; working together in an encouraging environment, supported by effective regulation and relevant risk management. Greater than the sum of its parts, the strategy aims to reduce cost to business through improved efficiency and greater emphasis on enabling good practise.”

Absafe teaches children about the fundamentals of personal safety, but also offers team building exercises to the corporate market that aim to re-engage employees with safety.

Emma continued: “We value the importance of instilling long lasting safety messages from childhood, but this understanding and engagement needs to continue into the workplace. That’s why we extend our services to reach people in business too.

“As the ‘lower for longer’ effect continues to take hold, today’s workforces need to be alert, well and able to react to any eventuality – making safety engagement critical to reputational and asset protection. New teams are being brought together as a result of reorganisation and restructuring in businesses and this poses the ideal opportunity to think differently about safety.

“If companies can adopt the principles of the HSE strategy in their everyday working lives, the entire supply chain and business community ultimately benefits. The new strategy encourages collaboration and the sharing of success which has a positive outcome for the whole community, whether that’s staff, families, customers and future employees. Safety is a platform for business success, and is pivotal to improving bottom lines, employee wellbeing and engagement, as well as enhancing corporate reputation.

“These are the basics to achieving business success, and we are championing safety engagement for the entire corporate community.”