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Helping Great Britain Work Well

What makes you get out of bed in the morning? As the CEO of a safety charity, I like nothing more than seeing the positive impact my team can have on the community.

It’s our job to teach children, businesses and the wider community all about safe practices. We know that safety can be seen as a dull and interfering subject, unfortunately, too often safety training makes it even duller, failing to challenge these misconceptions and leaving attendees uninspired.  But there is another way: we’re here to turn training on its head; instilling a passion for safety in our delegates, and helping businesses get the most from their employees.

We offer lunch and learns and team building exercises that help people think differently about safety leading to greater engagement and improved safety performance. That’s why we’re backing the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) latest initiative called Helping Great Britain Work Well as we believe all businesses can do their bit to improve safety engagement.

The premise is simple. The campaign has six strands, which are: acting together; tackling ill health; managing risk well; supporting small employers; keeping pace with change and sharing our success.

Workforces need to be alert, well and able to react to any eventuality – making safety engagement critical to reputational and asset protection.   New teams are being brought together as a result of reorganisation and restructuring in businesses and this poses the ideal opportunity to think differently about safety.

If companies can adopt the principles of the HSE strategy in their everyday working lives, the entire supply chain and business community ultimately benefits.  The new strategy encourages collaboration and the sharing of success which has a positive outcome for the whole community, whether that’s staff, families, customers or future employees. 

Safety is a platform for business success, and is pivotal to improving bottom lines, employee wellbeing and engagement, as well as enhancing corporate reputation. Ultimately it saves lives and impacts far beyond the workplace.  Skills and knowledge are a force for positive change beyond industry, helping to keep our loved ones: friends, families and communities, safe from harm.