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See below for our bulletin archive full of safety tips and information.

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 44Report On Online Harm to UK Children, Hot Dog Choking Hazard, Proposed Night Driving Ban For New Drivers

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 43Drowning Prevention Week, Camping and Hiking Safety Tips, Summer Safety with Police Scotland, SFRS report reduction in house fires, and new Unintentional Injury Hub launched

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 42Child Safety Week 2019, RoSPA injury pyramid, Phone scams, Beach umbrella safety, SFRS 2022 Vision consultation

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 41What3Words, Cyber Scotland Week, new Home Safety partnership, Cycle Safety, High Rise Fire Safety and only one week left to go until Team Absafe runs at the BHGE 10k

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 40Scammers, Dementia Safety, Arson Awareness Week, Anti-Social Behaviour, Sleep Safety, White Goods, and of course, Team Absafe at the BHGE 10k

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 39Team Absafe - BHGE 10K, Community Justice, Tick Risk, Hate Crime, Internet Safety, Car Seat safety, New firefighters sought, and Drink Free Days

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 38 County Lines Cuckooing campaign, Safer Internet Day 2019, Amazon Brushing Scam, Register My Appliance Day and Keeping Well this Winter with Age UK

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 37 - Don't Drink and Drown, Button Battery Safety, Festive Safety Tips from Police Scotland and Scottish Fire & Rescue

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 36 - Motor Cycle Thefts, 46 Incidents a Week Prompt Level Crossing Safety, Fight Festive Fraud This Christmas,Adverse Weather Clips in Update Theory Test

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 35 - Road Safety Week: Bike Smart, Urgent Appeal for Wood Donations, Half of all Sports Related A&E Visits From Kids & Teens, Overhated Extension Cable Cause Fire Claiming Life of GB Swimmer

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 34 - Bonfire safety, Sleepwalking into Disaster - alcohol safety, 2017 Figures Published for Road Casualties, Staying Safe in Winter Weather

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 33 - Light's Out, You're Out home security advice, National Burns Awareness Day, Warning on "unsafe" stair gates, Drink Free Days app, Dog Safety

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 32 - Home Fire Safety Week 2018, Right To Ask Alerting Thousands, Free Salt Bags for Residents Preparing for Winter, 'Staysafe' Signposting For Older People Launched

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 31 - Fire & Rescue Business Safety Campaign, "Ghost Broking" Scam Targeting Drivers,"Back-to-School" Pack Scissor Warning

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 30 - GoNorthEast Road Festival, Revealed: The six language tricks used by financial fraudsters to take advantage of trust, Call To Get Tough On Crimes Against The Elderly, Sensible HSE Management In Schools, Change Demanded in Tackling Child Abuse Online

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 29 - ICE - In Case of Emergency, Student Safety 2018 #BeLikeAlex, £1.5M Fraud Prevented, You VS Trains Campaign

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 28 - Fire Free Summer, Take Action Today Put Them Away, Don't Buy Into Counterfeit Cash, Scheme to Help Older Drivers

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 27 - Give Domestic Abuse The Red Card, Farm Safety Week 16th To 20th July & SFRS Appealing for Zero Fires This Summer

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 26 - Absafe Set to Educate Children on Alcohol, Safety Plea Around Water, House Fires at Five Year Low

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 25 - #GoSafer part of AWPR launch party, Child Safety Week, A child's perspective on safety, Fraud education event, farm safety, mountain safety skills and Scam Awareness Month

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 24 - Reduction in acquisitive and violent crime, Respect the Water, Safety 30 Conference, "Sharenting", Glass patio tables, and positive re-enforcement for safe driving

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 23 - Sun Awareness Week, BBQ Safety, BMW recall, Deodorant Challenge and Fortnite

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 22 - Water Safety Week 2018, WhatsApp age change, Digital safety, Minimum alcohol pricing, Product Recalls , Shopping Online & Carboard Baby Boxes

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 21 - Family Safety Week 2018, Anti-Bullying Training by Respect Me, Dangerous New Social Media Crazes Parents Should Be Aware Of

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 20 - New Water safety set coming soon to Absafe, Crime in Scotland fallen by a third, Be Greater than a Hater Police Scotland campaign, Knife crime education, Gambling credit ban, and tourniquet syndrome warning

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 19 - Don't gift thieves an opportunity campaign, thermal mugs and 2018 scams watchlist 

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 18 - Apprenticeship Week, Cyber Security event, Bogus Caller warning, Community Spirit praised and Dozy Driver warning

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 17 - CO awareness competition, government consultation on loneliness and isolation, magnetic putty dangers, and new government office for product safety

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 16 - Renewed Call to Keep Children Safe Online, New Strategy Aims to Cut Drowning Deaths by Half, Get Up To Speed on Recent Changes to Driving Laws

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 15 - Online Craze Putting Teens at Risk, New Campaign to Reduce Farming Risks, One Million Potentially Dangerous Dryers Still in Use

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 14 - New Gambling Trend Targeting Young Gamer's, Primark Christmas Candle Recall, 'Keep A Clear Head' Campaign for Railway Safety

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 13 - Ikea Urges Customers to Anchor Furniture, Under Age Social Media Use 'On The Rise', Winter and Festive Safety Advice

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 12 - Illegal 'Kodi' Boxes Failing UK Safety Tests, Prince William Launches Anti-Bullying Plan & Three in Four Want More Spent on UK Cycle Lanes

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 11 - How To Spot Fake Electrical Items & Gear Up For Road Safety Week

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 10 - Social Media Blamed for Increase in Self-Harm Among Teens

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 9 - October is National Home Security Month & Anti-Social Behaviour

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 8 - Instagram Tops Cyberbullying Study & Royal Mail Scams

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 7 - UK Businesses Lack Of Road Safety Policy & Farm Safety

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 6 - Summer Festival Safety Drive & Check Your White Goods

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 5 - Aberdeen Council High Rise Info & Mobile Campaign

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 4 - Road Safety Scotland & RNLI 'Respect The Water Campaign'

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 3 - Door Step Crime and Bogus Callers

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 2 - What's the Biggest Killer of Teenagers?

Absafe Digital Bulletin Issue 1 - Phishing and Road Safety

Absafe Bulletin Issue 174 - Absafe Receives Common Good Fund Donation from Aberdeen City Council

Absafe Bulletin Issue 173 - Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire Statistics

Absafe Bulletin Issue 172 - Absafe Goes Global

Absafe Bulletin Issue 171 - New Santander Text Message Scam Targets Current Account Users

Absafe Bulletin Issue 170 - Tesco Issues Product Recall

Absafe Bulletin Issue 169 -‘Ask For Angela’ Campaign Launched, Snapchat Sparks Safety Settings Crackdown

Absafe Bulletin Issue 168 - Home Fire Safety Visits

Absafe Bulletin Issue 167 - New Campaign Launched by Royal Life Saving Society

Absafe Bulletin Issue 166 - Car Seat Regulations Set to Change

Absafe Bulletin Issue 165 - Phone Charger Safety

Absafe Bulletin Issue 164 - Staying Safe Online

Absafe Bulletin Issue 163 - Harsh Scottish Winters

Absafe Bulletin Issue 162 - Who Is Sophie The Giraffe

Absafe Bulletin Issue 161 - New Year, New You

Absafe Bulletin Issue 160 - Keep Your Car Safe This Winter

Absafe Bulletin Issue 159 - It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Absafe Bulletin Issue 158 - Staying Safe With The Family At Christmas, Phishing and Email Scams

Absafe Bulletin Issue 157 - Keeping Your Home Safe This Christmas

Absafe Bulletin Issue 156 - Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Top Tips To Avoid Being Hacked, Smoking in Cars Ban

Absafe Bulletin Issue 155 - World Day of Rememberence for Road Traffic Victims

Absafe Bulletin Issue 154 - Ready Steady Winter, Dog Attacks on Livestock

Absafe Bulletin Issue 153 - Remember the Fireworks Code, Car Security, Beware of Scam Workmen

Absafe Bulletin Issue 152 - Lights Out, Your Out, Disclosure Scheme for Domestic Abuse

Absafe Bulletin Issue 151 - Burns Awareness Day

Absafe Bulletin Issue 150 - Candle Safety Week

Absafe Bulletin Issue 149 - National Personal Safety Day

Absafe Bulletin Issue 148 - Texting at the Wheel

Absafe Bulletin Issue 147 - Get Gas Savvy

Absafe Bulletin Issue 146 - Drive Bright

Absafe Bulletin Issue 145 - Student Safety

Absafe Bulletin Issue 144 - Cycling with Confidence

Absafe Bulletin Issue 143 - Beach Safety

Absafe Bulletin Issue 142 - Sexting, Online Shopping Scams

Absafe Bulletin Issue 141 - Summer Driving Safety, Sunglare and Visabilty, Allergies & Hay Fever

Absafe Bulletin Issue 140 - Safety Abroad

Absafe Bulletin Issue 139 - BBQ Safety

Absafe Bulletin Issue 138 - Pokemon Go, Fraud now the most common type of crime

Absafe Bulletin Issue 137 - Stop Scammers In Their Tracks

Absafe Bulletin Issue 136 - 18-26th June Drowning Prevention Week, Queens Garden Party


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