We’re proud to serve local communities.

We have a responsibility to share our safety knowledge and expertise with you, so you’re empowered to keep your home and community safe and secure.

We’re here to act as your support network as you set up your own group that will form the backbone of your local community.

We’ve done this before and know it works. With more than 250 groups operating across Aberdeen city, people are collaborating to create safe neighbourhoods, tackle anti-social behaviour and bring their communities together.

As a member of an Absafe Neighbourhood Watch, you’ll be part of a growing network that receives our weekly Absafe bulletin – a handy news update that’s packed with local crime information, safety and security advice as well as the latest Absafe news. Sign up for the Absafe bulletin here.

Setting up your own Absafe Neighbourhood Watch is completely free. Check out downloadable resources here, or drop us a line for some further advice.