Absafe's Role In Health & Safety Education

At Absafe, we make safety education fun.

It’s our mission to ensure we’re at the heart of building safer communities – and we do this by making our learning engaging and interactive.  We’re here to educate schoolchildren about the fundamentals of personal safety so they can make informed decisions to keep themselves, and others, safe.

A child’s safety journey starts with us. By educating children in safe practices now, by adolescence safety awareness and behaviours become ingrained. When they join the workplace, they’ll be engaged with company practice, see safety as a positive tool and set a gold standard for safety.

For schools in Aberdeen City, we’re funded by Aberdeen City Council so that every Primary 7 child receives a complimentary day visit. Our lessons follow the Curriculum for Excellence, ensuring our delivery is age appropriate, supports required learning outcomes, and fits GIRFEC principals.

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