Welcome to The Safe

A visit to The Safe is like no other field trip. Located just behind the Gordon Barracks in Aberdeen, our facility is a one-stop safety shop. We take our visitors on an unforgettable safety adventure that gives real-life context to the learning experience.

The Safe is the name given to our interactive facility, where the Absafe team and volunteers deliver engaging, fun and informative sessions that teach children about everyday hazards and how to deal with them. Including:

  • Road safety
  • Railway safety
  • Home safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Solvent Misuse
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Cyberbullying and security

Our programs cater for different levels of the curriculum from nursery through to secondary. We can accommodate mixed ability groups of any size up to 50 pupils at a time.

Each visit consists of an induction and assessment of the children’s abilities, a series of small group workshops on each of the topics, and a final assessment and feedback session at the end of the day.

We test our visitors’ safety knowledge before and after a visit to The Safe, with students showing an average improvement of 42%

Are you ready to step into The Safe? Contact Absafe today to book your visit.