Shell safety day 150Absafe empowers the business community to find new ways of engaging employees.

We pride ourselves on offering something alternative, so in May 2015 we hosted a road safety-themed Crime Scene Investigation scenario for Shell UK as part of its annual Safety Day. The session was designed to encourage teamwork and test critical thinking skills, as well as promote safety key safety messages.

Held at Shell’s Woodbank facility, the day aimed to uncover the series of events that resulted in a three-car collision scenario. More than 140 people interviewed our Absafe witnesses and scrutinised the evidence - with the overall aim of learning about the root causes of road collisions whilst also testing the teams’ investigative skills; evidence gathering, forensic analysis, critical thinking, , communication and observation.

Hosted in partnership with Driversity, we developed presentations, and hard hitting videos to ensure the safe driving message really stuck with Shell employees. One of our volunteers delivered a powerful testimony as someone who has experienced a serious road collision. She described the event itself and the devastating effect the incident had on her life and her family.

We ensured the learning outcomes were met through a task-related and fun activity. The session also reiterated Shell UK’s safety values and Goal Zero initiative.

“For me, it was an absolute privilege to gain insights that Absafe provided during Safety Day at Woodbank. I received feedback with commitments of tangible actions that will make a difference beyond the confines of our respective companies and work locations. Absafe provides fun learning aimed at keeping you and your close ones safe in many different situations; I invite you to pay them a visit.” Olaf M. Skar, General Manager Wells Operations UK/Ireland, Shell UK.

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Shell safety day 150Absafe empowers the business community to find new ways of engaging employees.

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